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Email Marketing

With the modern era of social media, it seems that the traditional email marketing has forgotten. Email marketing is a traditional technique that can help you to increase your sales and profits by maximizing the leads. It is an advisable thing to hit the inbox of your potential customers and surprise them with their desired services.

Digital marketing experts believed that email marketing will not be competed with the marketing of modern era that is social media, but the core thing is social media becomes the means to extract emails for email marketing.

It is an exciting digital marketing method to gain a higher percentage of your visitors to take a step towards becoming potential customers. You simply cannot sit and wait that your business website will generate desired customer conversion rate for brilliant sales revenue, you must take meticulously services of email marketing it by running controlled tests based on hypotheses formed and assessing results for improvements of the campaigns.

DeskoLab performs organic procedures to test and apply only suitable Email marketing strategies to your website that brings immediate results.We have successfully increased achieved line margins up to 200 percent with our different organic process.

We know and value the marketing goals of your business and deploy relevant and robust testing opportunities to drive highly efficient results. Our methods take a multi-angle approach to cover all aspects of your business prior to testing. Upon brainstorming the business areas that need A/B testing, we discuss the same with you. Once we mutually agree to move forward, we begin with our process.

DeskoLab provide effective, tactical and technical changes to your website in order to constantly get improved results.

  • We track each and every email that’s hit the mail box. With the help of our tracking system, we are able to manage who opens your email. Those who didn’t open your email, me create a list for follow up emails.
  • We design multitudinous and attractive emails with great and provoking subject lines that provoke your recipient to open the email and read the content.
  • We perform A/B testing that will enable us to know which email get the more click through rate.
  • We develop a great working strategy with a team of experts who are excellent in different types of CRM systems.
  • We also design a CRO system that will help our experts to think out of the box.