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Mobile App Marketing

Mobile is your next ecommerce shop. We have dealt with App stores, since their existence they have changed different algorithms to suit the modern technical era. We treat each app store as a spate entity that will help us to market your application in a proper way. Our mobile app marketing services are designed for Google’s Play store and Apple’s App store. We ensure that our mobile app marketing services provide sufficient result by submitting your application to the respective app stores.

We market your app with specific keyword research and keyword optimization. Google’s play include the facility to submit keywords, we also submit your decided keywords for better optimization. We have SEO experts who provide perfect guidelines for the traditional SEO, link building and other necessary steps for submitting your Android application to Google’s play store. We guarantee to deliver industry best results to our clients by optimizing their application to Google and Apple stores.

Our iOS application marketing includes high quality video with enchanting description that quickly admits the application to the store. We create just the exact keywords string for your app with limited characters of app details. We also draft eye catchy app title extensions, screenshots and optimize them for better results.

We are having multilingual experts who take care of the language of your respective audience. We localize the app and its relative marketing content. Our app localization services include local keywords description, app title and screenshots with different local strings. We help your business to target the audience in a way they understand and trust. We effectively translate your application in the local language of your audience that provides a much better experience for your customers.

Why Choose DeskoLab for your Mobile App Marketing?

  • We analyze and plan each and every aspect of your mobile application as well as your competitors.
  • We also optimize what your competitive apps are performing in order to provide a better experience to your customers.
  • We increase the visibility of your application with paid and organic promotion. We also cater our ASO service for iOS app marketing.
  • We design the enchanting videos into a most trending way.
  • We develop a landing page in a great way to reconnect your users with respect of their searches.